Departmental Awards

Our department gives two awards:

1) Gülnihal Yücel Best TA Award

Gülnihal Yücel graduated from our department in 1991 and completed her Master's at Bilkent University Mathematics Department in 1994. After that she started to work at our department as an instructor. Unfortunately she passed away in August 2013. She translated Gauss's four proofs of "Fundamental Theorem of Algebra" and Gauss's famous work on surfaces (Disquisitiones Generales Circa Superficies Curvas) to Turkish which were published by Boğaziçi University Press.

To keep her dear memory alive our department decided to give this award every year to the best teaching assistant which is decided by the faculty members. Starting from the year 2014, the list of the winners is:

Gülnihal Yücel Best TA Award Winner

Award Year

Kübra Benli2014
Erman Çineli2015
Şefika Kuzgun2016
Şermin Çam Çelik2017
İlkiz Bildik2018
Adem Arslan2019


2) Dora Aksoy Award

Dora Aksoy got interested in mathematics during his high school years. Upon graduating from Robert College in 1979, he went to Caltech. However, he returned to Turkey due to health issues, and studied at the Department of Mathematics of Boğaziçi University during 1980-1983. After doing a Master's at the University of Michigan in 1984-1986, he started his doctoral studies on mathematics education at the University of Chicago. Concurrently, he became the editor of a book series to be used at the secondary school level which was planned to cover all mathematics topics. In 1992, Dora Aksoy lost the battle against cancer which he had been fighting for many years. With the initiative of his high school friends, his loved ones decided to give this award every year with the aim of keeping his memory alive as well as supporting young mathematicians who are devoted to mathematics like him. Starting from the year 1999, the list of the winners is given below with details:

Dora Aksoy Award Winner

University Accepting for PhD

Award Year

Muzaffer AkatStanford University1999
Barış ÇoşkunüzerCaltech1999
Erkan NanePurdue University2000
Murat MutUniversity of Minnesota2001
Berkant UstaoğluUniversity of Waterloo2002
Mustafa Sabri KılıçMIT2003
Atilla YılmazNYU - Courant Institute2003
Onur GünNYU - Courant Institute2004
Ali GöktürkBrown University2005
Yasemin KaraCornell University2006
Sadık Görkem ÖzkayaPrinceton University2006
Bezirgan VeliyevStanford University2006
Elçim ElgünUniversity of Waterloo2007
Elif KuzUniversity of Maryland2008
Mehmet Eren KıralBrown University2009
Seçkin DemirbaşUniversity of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign2010
Levent Doğuş SağunNYU - Courant Institute2011
Jafar JafarovStanford University2012
Beniada ShabaniStanford University2012
Güher ÇamlıyurtUniversity of Southern California2013
Alperen Yaşar ÖzdemirUniversity of Southern California2014
Arda DemirhanUniversity of Illinois at Chicago2015
Jumageldi ChariyevNYU - Courant Institute2016

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