Presentation video of our department for candidates

Presentation of our department for candidates

  Presentation of our university for candidates

Mathematics is a rapidly developing and expanding field which, in addition to its traditional areas of application in the physical sciences, is continually being expanded into new areas of knowledge such as the biological and social sciences. In particular, the vast advances made in computer technology in the past few years have given rise to new mathematical disciplines. Considering these factors, the Department of Mathematics offers a Bachelor of Science program which is designed to prepare students for graduate study in mathematics or in related areas of the natural or social sciences or engineering. The program provides a good foundation for those who wish to pursue careers in teaching or in research, or in related areas of science, technology, business, or government where mathematics is important.

Mathematics students can also participate to double major programs with Biology, Economics,Philosophy and Physics departments, which lead simultaneously to a BS degree in mathematics and to a BS degree in the other major.

There are several universities for which our students can apply as an Erasmus/Nonerasmus exchange student.

Every year many graduates of our department go to abroad for PhD studies. The most recent list can be found here.  

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