Courses not accepted as HSS

NOT accepted as HSS

AD 150Introduction to Data Processing
AD 211Financial Accounting I
AD 212Financial Accounting II
AD 213Principles of Accounting
AD 214Managerial Accounting I
AD 216Financial and Cost Accounting (for IE students!)
AD 313Cost Accounting
AD 353Operations Research
AD 411Intermediate Accounting
AD 475Intermediate Cost Accounting
AD 491Advanced Topics in Operations Research
CETAll CET Courses
EC 224Mathematics for Economists I
EC 225Mathematics for Economists II
EC 231Statistics I
EC 232Statistics II
EC 233Mathematical Statistics I
EC 234Mathematical Statistics II
EC 321Mathematical Economics I
EC 322Mathematical Economics II
EC 323Mathematical Methods in Economics I
EC 324Mathematical Methods in Economics II
EC 331Econometric Methods I
EC 332Econometric Methods II
EC 489Special Topics in Economics
ED 301Statistics in Education I
ED 302Statistics in Education II
ED 327Research Methods in Education
ED 328Applied Research in Education
HIST 201Introduction to Statistics for Social Sciences I
HIST 202Introduction to Statistics for Social Sciences II
LING 401Linguistic Methodology
PHIL 132Logic II
PHIL 431Inductive Logic
POLS 203Social Statistics I
POLS 204Social Statistics II
POLS 301Political Science Research Methods
PRED 350Teaching Geometry
PRED 461Computed Assisted Mathematics Teaching
PSY 201Introduction to Statistics for Psychology I
PSY 202Introduction to Statistics for Psychology II
PSY 206Computer Use in Psychology
PSY 301Research Methods in Social Sciences I
PSY 302Research Methods in Social Sciences II
PSY 304Experimental Psychology
PSY 362Measurement of Psychology
PSY 406Data Analysis
SCED 301Inferential Statistics I
SCED 302Inferential Statistics II
SCED 376Educational Data Processing
SCED 404Applied Research in Science Education
SCED 468Software Selection and Evaluation in Mathematics and Science Education
SCED 470Computed Assisted Science Teaching
SOC 100Introduction to Computer Application Programs
SOC 203Advanced Computer Application Programs
SOC 204Introduction to Research Methods
SOC 303Social Statistics
SOC 304Data Analysis

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